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Cansema Black Tropical Salve

Cansema Black Salve Customer Reviews & Testimonies

Cansema Black Salve Review  stars.jpg

Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2014
Amazon Black Tropical salve cures skin cancer rapidly. So sod off Daily Mail & your pharmaceutical advertisers.

No more skin cancer  stars.jpg
Posted by tonyfrancisrees on 1st Nov 2013
Cansema Black Tropical Salve works

Skin cancer cure  stars.jpg
Posted by C.Angus on 5th Feb 2014
This product can be used both for diagnosis and for treatment. I bought this to treat a couple of suspicious red spots on my face that I have had since 2009.These two red spots I could not shift using any traditional methods.Within 24 hours of applying the paste the cancer had come to the surface, confirming my suspected diagnosis. After a second application I waited another 24 hours and then covered them with a plaster. A scab had formed within a day and had fallen off three days later.When the scab comes off you must be careful to use healing tools on the skin to prevent scarring (aloe vera, vitamin c, zinc, dragon's blood etc).This product is nothing short of a miracle that we believe has been given to us by God himself.Result:skin cancer removed without harmfull surgery.

Truly remarkable  stars.jpg
Posted by Fiona on 30th Dec 2013
Having accidentally stumbed on a website advocating black salve, I decided to do some research. I discovered there are inferior salves, but it soon became aparent that Alpha Omega Lab products are the best quality and salve of choice. Having done the research, I knew what to expect, and I would urge anyone going down this route to do the same. This isn't an easy or quick fix, it takes time and can be very painful and I cannot stress enough how important it is to let the eschar fall out by itself (the first time I used salve I got over excited and popped out the eschar leaving roots, so had to treat the area again). I spent my early years in Spain and as a red head that meant a lot of sunburn thanks to a mother who wanted a 'tanned' baby to match her mahogany leather body! As a result of this, I have a lot of areas to treat, but I'm taking my time, testing and treating one area at a time. I would also advise stocking up on sterile dressings in advance of starting treatment, I purchase packs of 50 5cmx7cm sterile dressings off the internet and also hydrogen peroxide to keep the area clean and aloe vera gel to keep the eschar moist and heal the area after it falls out (be warned, it stings like crazy).