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What is Graviola?

Family: Annonaceae 48-graviola-fruit.jpgGenus: Annona 
Species: muricataSynonyms: Annona macrocarpa, A. bonplandiana, A. cearensis, Guanabanus muricatus 
Common names: Graviola, soursop, Brazilian paw paw, guanábana, guanábano, guanavana, guanaba, corossol épineux, huanaba, toge-banreisi, durian benggala, nangka blanda, cachiman épineux 
Part Used: Leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, roots


The graviola tree is a small, evergreen tree, that produces a large, heart-shaped fruit with many amazing natural curative properties. It grows indigenously in the Amazon region of Brazil as well as in other warm tropical areas of both South and North America.

The graviola cancer fighting properties have propelled this natural fruit to ever-increasing worldwide popularity as an alternative treatment to fighting one of the world's most deadly diseases. Graviola cancer treatments have been shown to have great benefits to those who suffer from the disease. Graviola products have been sold for many years to those suffering from a multitude of diseases and ailments. Available in both retail stores and also online, those who chose to buy graviola, will experience the amazing curative powers of this simple plant.


According to Raintree Nutrition Graviola is known to help:

  • kill cancer cells

  • slow tumour growth 

  • kill bacteria

  • kill parasites

  • reduce blood pressure

  • reduce fever

  • lower heart rate

  • dilates blood vessels

  • sedates

  • boost your immune system

  • evade deadly infections

  • feel strong and healthy throughout the course of treatment

Other important health benefits:

  • kills viruses 

  • relieves depression

  • reduces spasms

  • reduces fever

  • stimulates digestion 

  • stops convulsions 


All parts of the Graviola tree are used in natural medicine in the tropics including:

  • The Leaf

Brazil has used the leaf for treating liver problems, arthritis, dysentary, intestinal colic, diarrhea, coughs, bronchitis abscesses and edema. In the Cook Islands, the leaf is used to treat different skin diseases. Ringworm has been successfully treated in Guatemala and Peru has been able to apply the graviola leaf to help with hypertension, internal ulcers and diabetes. Some of the other demonstrated uses in these and other countries include help with difficult child birth, as a tranquilizer, an anti-spasmodic and even to fight off malaria.

  • The Seed

Acting as an astringent, the seed and seed oil works as an effective insecticide, killing off skin parasites and lice.

  • The Bark

Guyana has used the bark of the fruit to make a tea that when ingested, acts as a sedative and has soothing properties for those with heart conditions. The tea is also used in Haiti as a cough suppressant and overall relaxant.

  • The Fruit

From the fruit, there are many uses that have proven very effective. In Jamaica and the West Indies, it has been shown to reduce fevers, get rid of parasites and stop the discomfort of diarrhea. 

  • The Root

Peru is amongst the countries that have demonstrated the effective use of the root to help with diabetes, act as a sedative and also work as an anti-spasmodic agent.


Scientific Research

According to the latest published information, Graviola has been researched in laboratory tests since the 1970s, where it's been shown to:

  • Effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer, including Colon, Breast, Prostrate, Lung and Pancreatic Cancer.

  • Be 10,000 times stronger in killing colon cancer cells than Adriamycin (a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug).

  • Selectively hunt down and kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy.

Scientists have been studying the properties of this plant since the 1940s and have published numerous studies on their findings. Perhaps the 1976 plant screening program by the National Cancer Institute was most instrumental in increasing worldwide awareness of this wonder plant. The study showed that the plant's leaves and stem contained active cytotoxic (the ability to kill cells that are not functioning properly) effects against cancer cells without harming other cells. Studies have identified specific phytochemicals and acetogenins that are selectively toxic toward various cancer cells. The inhibition of further growth of cancer cells in lung, prostate, pancreatic, colon and liver cancer has been demonstrated over the years. Graviola treatments has not yet gained full acceptance by the medical community, but ongoing testing by researchers and pharmaceutical companies suggests that there is great promise with this plant. 


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Graviola Max is a particularly potent form of graviola first introduced by Raintree Nutrition. It combines the regular plant found in the tropical climates of North and South America with the mountain graviola strain of the plant to produce 108 distinct, powerful chemicals. Graviola Max comes in 600mg capsules and contains a proprietary blend of the leaf and stems of the mountain and traditional varieties. Go ahead, give it a try. Buy graviola.


These statements have not been evaluated by any medical authority. The information provided by In2Herbs is not a substitute for medical advice and is for the purpose of educational and entertainment purposes only. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a health care problem without consulting with a qualified practitioner